Company logos are a huge deal in the corporate world. They are basically the face of the company. Therefore, as a graphic designing firm you need to make sure that you get your facts right and design a good logo worthy of the investment made on it. Here are some facts you need to consider when doing so.


When a client comes to you asking for Melbourne graphic design services you wouldn’t necessarily know all about them and their firm. Knowing the background of something that you are working on would help you grasp the context better to come up with customized content. Therefore, before you start putting on your designing hat, make sure that you first research on the firm. Find out what they do, what their products are made of, their history and all other relevant details. Use these to find inspiration for a base of the logo. This way you would be able to design a much more relatable logo that goes hand in hand with what the firm offers, their business and everything else on the whole.

Stray away from the trend trap

Following the trend and coming up with a corporate identity design might just be so tempting especially when it seems like you just can’t think of anything else that goes with the firm and what they are doing. However, if you want to ensure that your firm in itself also maintains its identity and reputation in the firm, avoid following trends. trends are like the ultimate traps for designers. They would unconsciously creep up all over your designs without you realizing it self. So, use your research and find inspiration elsewhere, to come up with an innovative logo.

Start with the basic black and white

The best way to understand how well you have done with the design of the logo is to see how it appears in black and white. If it is as memorable as its color form then that is a clear indication that you have designed right. The reason for this is because most of the times, your company’s logo might be printed in black and white form more than color, especially in ads, newspapers, photocopies and whatnot. So, if they look impressive in their basic form then they would obviously look better in color!

The beauty of minimalism

There is a huge difference between a logo that has a lot going on and a logo with a couple lines. When you look back you would realize that even some of the most famous brands have the simplest designs. For an example Apple, Chanel, Gucci, McDonalds, Nike and many more. The simpler a design the easier it is to be established in the client’s mind and that is why minimalistic designs are appreciated at all time. So consider the above tips and design the best logos for all your clients!